Donation Agreement

We are not responsible for any items lost. You will be permanently banned from all servers upon any chargebacks of purchases.


    This Agreement is effective starting on the date of the donation that takes place, We thank you for your kind consideration for donating to support our cause and hopeful continued operation of our services.

    In consideration of all parties relevant to the sake of this document, The Donation Agreement goes as follows:

    1.  Agreements, Rules, & Donations

        (a) You will be subject to all rules and conditions that are to be expected from all members on our servers, You hereby accept that this donation by no measure gives you permission to break our Agreements/Rules.

        (b) This donation gives you the perks listed as such, And only what you've chosen. While exchanges may be preformed for some parties, If we decline your request no further shall be tolerated.

        (c) This donation does not give you any perks in regards to applying for Staff positions.

        (d) You agree that the full payment of the Donation is non-refundable and shall not be returned. This payment is Final.

    2.  Assumption of Events

        (a) In the event of Temporary or Permanent ban, Depending on the severity of the events that occurred under our discretion, We may Temporarily or Permanently revoke your access or donation benefits as needed to secure our services for our members.  

        (b) On submission of a charge-back, You may be temporarily or permanently removed, After consideration as to your history in regards to participation on our services.

        (c) In the event your dismissed or removed from any Staff/Administration position, You will still maintain your donation benefits as long as the event leading up to the situation are in co-operation with our rules.

    3.  Miscellaneous.

        (a) The parties agree to execute such further instructions and to take such further action as may reasonably be necessary to carry out the intent of this Agreement 

        (b) The parties agree to keep up-to-date with this agreement and all present rules herein.

        (c) This Agreement shall not exceed any laws set by your area of residence.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the Effective Date.